50pcs Rhinestone Brooch Set

$ 195.00

Brand: Simply Sassy

Title: 50pc Brooch Set

50 Amazingly stunning LARGE and XLARGE brilliant AAA grade glass rhinestone brooches for all of your wedding bridal DIY and crafting needs!

More and More brides are adding Glitz and Glamour to their wedding celebrations and our brooches are a staple among the trend!

You will receive an assortment of absolutely gorgeous brooch pins loaded sparkle.

All brooches will be significant in size. at least 1.5 inches but most will be 2 inches or more.
Silver alloy metal with clear or clear aurora borealis glass rhinestones. Some may have pearls We have 100's of brooches. Sample pictures attached. Most will be unique, however, their may be some duplicates depending on availability. If you prefer flat back embellishments, we can offer those too.

Retail value for a set like this can go upwards of $700+

You can search some of the same brooches we have on Etsy and see the pricing yourself. You get the exact brooches for much less. You can see individual pricing in our Brooch section.



Crystal Bouquets
Bridal & Bridesmaid Jewelry
Bridal Belts
Chair covers & Sashes
Mother & Mother of the Bride
Candle Decorations (clip the pin and glue on)
Cake Decorations (clip the pin and glue on)
Shoe Clips (clip the pin and glue on)
Hairpieces (clip the pin and glue on a barrette)

So many options!

We make every effort to ensure that are products are packed well enough to sustain transit, however, due to the delicate nature of this product, a rhinestone may fall off during delivery. If that is the case, you may return the item for a refund or simply re-attach the rhinestones yourself using jewel glue.